Keeping the light on...

Originated in the dark forest of Sweden, the importance of light has always been crucial to us. The knowledge of light is something that we cherish, and a knowledge we wish to share.

What started as a small-scale business with solutions for peoples home, has developed to a company covering the professional needs in the public areas. Our founder had an idea of bringing "the right light to the right place", to making people's everyday tasks easier.

Today Fagerhult develop, produce and deliver lighting solutions for indoor spaces, outdoor areas as well as for retail venues. And you can easily create sustainable and energy-efficient spaces using lighting controls and the latest within connectivity.

The technological development and societal changes have evolved quickly, but our goal is still the same - keeping the light on (when it is needed).

Even though we have grown, we have always kept ourselves close to the heritage. Our head office is still located a stone’s throw from where our history began, in Fagerhult in rural west Sweden. We remain close to our roots, something we consider an advantage given that we now operate in almost 20 countries worldwide.