The 00's

Ten° - form, function and flexibilty

A coherently designed luminare family, with a clear contemporary design, that was aimed at the modern office of the early millennium.

Ten° is a lighting family – with a uniform design for modern, dynamic offices. The aim was to combine form, function and flexibility.

The inspiration behind the family, was the demands of the modern offices at the early millennium. Flexibility was priroitised, freedom for variation was immense and changes were easy to make in a uniform design. Restraint and modern aesthetics in a Scandinavian design combined with a function, created the prerequisites for a good light setting.

Its name came from the 10 degree angle on the sides of the luminaire. The inclined edges which capture the reflected ceiling light, made the luminaire brighter and enhanced the powerful and elegant form.

Ten° is a family that utilises the latest advances in light technology. Gentle and angular, round and rectangular – to match all elements of the new office. It was designed by Ola Granlund.