Zkye 55 G2 Pendant

A Ø 55 mm pendant luminaire. Deep reflector for optimal light comfort and and good light distribution. For mounting to fixed ceilings with ceiling cups, or on contact rails with adapter.


In ceiling cup: snap-in terminal block 5 x 2.5 mm².
On contact rail: adapter for 3-phase rail or Control Track (DALI).


Standard white (RAL 9016) or black (RAL 9005).

Light distribution

Narrow, medium or wide light distribution.


DALI, e-Sense Stage or Trailing Edge (rear edge control).


3-phase rail or Control Track (DALI).


The adapter locks mechanically to the rail with a knob. Phase 1, 2 or 3 can then be selected with the phase selector knob.


Driver integrated in luminaire housing.


Zkye G2

Create a modern and distinctive look with our spotlight series Zkye. With different lengths and functions, you can create the right atmosphere in every part of the room or premises. Our luminaires are tasteful and discreet,...

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Name Description Art.no.
Name Description Art.no.
e-Sense Stage RTC Backupe-Sense Stage Stand-Alone Control Box RTC Backup99816
e-Sense Stage Stand-alone DALIe-Sense Stage Stand-Alone Control Box DALI99812
e-Sense Stage Trailing Edgee-Sense Stage Stand-Alone Control Box Trailing Edge99813
e-Sense Stage Relaye-Sense Stage Stand-Alone Control Box Relay99814
e-Sense Stage 4CH PWMe-Sense Stage Stand-Alone Control Box 4 CH PWM99815
Xpress push button panelXpress push button panel, white.82172
Xpress push button panelXpress push button panel, black.82173