A Nordic expression – several areas of application

Taking inspiration from the beautiful Nordic light, we created Vialume 1 – Fagerhult’s first self-manufactured post top luminaire for city streets, smaller roads and car parks. After being very well received, the family is now being expanded with several variations on the Nordic classic.

The Vialume post top luminaire is characterised by a soft, organic shape with simple lines, which link it to Nordic design tradition. The timeless, stylish design enhances the area during the daytime and provides brilliant lighting in the dark of night. Vialume is, quite simply, a luminaire which is equally well-suited to classic surroundings as it is to city environments. With three sizes of post top luminaires in the same design, Fagerhult can now offer complete, energy-efficient lighting solutions for any city environment – from road lighting to footpath lighting.

The smaller post top luminaire, Vialume 75, has been developed with outstanding light properties for smaller streets, footpaths and bicycle paths. As the name suggests, the fixture is 75 % the size of its bigger sibling Vialume 1.

In contrast, Vialume 2 is a bigger, more powerful version with high luminous flux and advanced optics designed to be used as road lighting on highways, wider main roads and in large parking lots.