Line Up

Line Up is an adjustable, linear, track-mounted luminaire that is perfectly suited for retail environments. With its wide, even light distribution, Line Up effectively illuminates large walls with a smaller number of luminaires than traditional spotlights. The luminaire can be tilted from 0–70° both sides, creating a glare-free environment. It also means that the track’s distance from the wall does not affect the light pattern.
With its compact and minimalistic design, Line Up is ideal in areas with a low ceiling height, as the luminaire is installed tight against the track and the simple design blends into the ceiling. The luminaire can easily be moved between different tracks, providing the opportunity for flexible lighting of the space. Colour rendering is important in retail environments, so Line Up has CRI 90 in order to accentuate products and the surrounding area optimally.
Line Up is easily installed on the Lighting Track Pro track system, and is available in the classic colours black and white with a structured enamelled body. The luminaire is available in two colour temperatures, 3000 and 4000 K. Line Up comes in a version with On/Off, or with the e-Sense Stage control system for greater energy savings and the potential to create different light scenes.