Reliable and powerful luminaire in alu-zinc with acrylic lens for optimal glare reduction. Narrow, medium or wide beam light distribution.


Surface mounted or suspended via the integrated bracket. Installation via tube, chain pendent and wall, see accessories.


Openable luminaire where the power cable is inserted via end plate. More selectable connection options are available in the configurator.


Luminaire frame of alu-zinc and end-pieces of cast metal.


Acrylic lenses for optimal light distribution and glare reduction.

Light distribution

Narrow, medium or wide beam.


e-Sense Move Highbay – dual microwave/PIR sensor and RF unit integrated with the luminaire. Presence control, high/mid/ low/off and lux threshold.


Bracket for tube pendent, adjustable ceiling bracket and adjustable wall bracket.


CLO (Constant Light Ouput) means that the luminaire provides the same amount of light for the duration of its service life. 


Induflex – Installation


Induflex is a powerful and reliable luminaire with a long working life, low energy consumption, and high lighting performance. It is ideal for industrial premises, warehouses, and retail, as well as in environments where...

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Customise with Fagerhult Configure

Adapt and optimise the luminaire in Fagerhult’s configurator. You can easily select the CRI, colour temperature, optics, luminous flux, controls, various connection options, and more. All your selections are saved to a product data sheet which you can download along with unique light data files.

  • Adapt and optimise the luminaire
  • Download unique data sheet and light data files
  • To order, contact your sales representative
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Name Description
Name Description
Adjustable ceiling bracket Adjustable ceiling bracket/pair 91374
Adjustable wall bracket Adjustable wall bracket/pair 91375
Tube bracket Conduit bracket/pair 91198
Remote control e-Sense Move Highbay/Customised Stand-alone Remote control 86368
no-image placeholder Strain relief Strain relief 92615
Induflex all