Indigo LED

The Indigo range unites energy efficiency with good lighting comfort. The pure, simple design makes a clear statement and the combination of direct and indirect light creates comfortable and glare-free working environments with a high proportion of ambient lighting on the walls. The bevelled transition between the secondary reflector and the ceiling gives creates a soft visual impression and the entire luminaire expresses uniformity and glare-free lighting, completely without disturbing luminance. The indirect light is distributed via the secondary reflector and the direct light passes through the optics, providing a lighting solution that is comprehended as balanced and comfortable.

Louvres for all applications
The Indigo range encompasses three different louvre types: micro-prismatic Delta, louvred Beta Opti and Opal. The Beta Opti and Delta versions have an increased direct output, ideal for workspaces, complying with the standards for both light levels and UGR. For corridors, gyms or dining areas, the opal version produces a comfortable, diffused light with a higher proportion of indirect light in the secondary reflector.

Refurb friendly
Available in 600x600 for HBT, VTB and Plaster board ceilings and 1200x 300 designs for VTB, Indigo offers a complete range of recessed solutions. All the products within the indigo range are equipped with a unique quick connection system which significantly reduced installation time on site. Compatible with 3 or 5 pole Wieland, Wago and Ensto, the remote driver connects to the luminaire via a simple, tool-free mechanism.

To further optimise the installation, Indigo are available with Organic Response. The sensors are integrated into the luminaire which simply has to be connected to power to get a fully operational presence detection system. As each luminaire is equipped with its own sensor, Organic Response offers unparalleled sensitivity to avoid light wastage in unoccupied areas without impacting on the visual experience.

CLO for increased efficiency
All dimmable versions Indigo Combo Beta Opti and Delta are equipped with Constant Light Output (CLO) as standard. CLO avoids needing to compensate for a future depreciation in light output by over-lighting in the first istance, regulating the desired output from the start to end of the luminaires rated life. Factoring this reduction in, Indigo Combo with CLO is between 6 and 10 % more efficient.