Aluflex 13

A power supply panel with options for adding electrical, telecom, signal, data and gas outlets as needed. Any general lighting is placed in the upper edge of the panel.

Aluflex 13 is intended for ward rooms. The panel can be built using all sections in the Aluflex family. The starting point is the basic duct, which can be extended in height using any number of ducts for electricity and gas. The gas box is available in three different variants, models 9, 11 and 12, each offering different connection types. Gas box 9 and 12 can also be supplied with an optional equipment rail, with the extra possibility of integrating general, reading and examination lighting. The panel can be mounted horizontally or vertically.


Electrical cables and gas pipes can be connected in three ways; from the side via the panel’s end-cap, via holes in the bottom profile’s rear and from above via the supply duct. All electrical and gas outlet sockets are internally connected and routed to terminal blocks at the connection end.


Aluflex 13 is a group of ducts with a round lower edge section forming the base. An unlimited number of electrical ducts can then be added, finished with a straight, sloping or round cover section or with a continuous luminaire installation on top. The gas outlets are placed in a gas box, 9, 11 or 12. Gas box 12 can also accommodate an equipment rail from any manufacturer. The panels can be supplied in lengths up to 6200 mm without being joined.

Electrical socket outlets

Aluflex 13 is equipped with the specified number of heavy and low current outlet sockets. The outlet sockets are fitted in the equipment bracket, type click-fix, which is snapped onto the front edge of the bottom section. As a result, the front cover can be easily dismantled without affecting the installation in the panel. The panel can be equipped with different national standard outlet sockets.


End-caps can be used to terminate the panel.

Material, colour

All sections are manufactured extruded aluminium. The bottom and front section, used for outlet sockets, are available as standard in natural anodised or white anodised (RAL 9010) finishes. Alternative colour finishes are available at an additional charge. The panel has a smooth external face that facilitates easy cleaning.

Medical gases

The outlets for medical gases are intended for hose connection of medical equipment attached to the equipment rail. The gas outlets can be fitted in two main ways: 1. Gas outlet fitted in profile 13 and the outlets are angled downwards at 45 degrees. Outlets are intended for hose connection to medical equipment attached to an equipment rail. 2. Gas box can be constructed in three versions. a. Gas box 12 outlets are angled downwards at 30 degrees. Outlets are intended for hose connection to medical equipment attached to an equipment rail. b. Gas box 9 and 11 outlets are directed straight forward. For medical equipment that is to be directly connected to the outlet.

General lighting

The panel can be equipped with general lighting through a continuous luminaire installation mounted on the top edge. The reflector directs the light asymmetrically upwards/outwards towards the ceiling and produces indirect lighting of the room.upwards/outwards towards the ceiling and produces indirect lighting of the room.


Aluflex is flexible healthcare solutions, suitable for ward, general and intensive care environments. The modular system consists of lower panels, interme- diate ducts and top panels, equipped with an optio- nal number of outlet...

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