The minimalisktic spotlight Relay Spot 24 V illuminates the small details. Its integrated accent lighting enhances the interior, creates attention and gives a sense of space, even in the smallest inaccessible spaces. Up and down, in length and width, Relay Spot 24 V can be installed in a variety of ways, along walls, at the ceiling, pendant or on a track. Set the imagination free and give life to a creative lighting.

Relay Spot 24 V is a discreet luminaire that does not steal the attention from the products on display since the luminaire can be hidden in surfaces where there is a desire to just achieve an effect of light. The luminaire increases the feeling of quality at the store and creates contrast and outlines with light – as integrated in the interior, in cabinet displays and shelves or as lighting for shop windows, logotypes, merchandises, jewellery, accessories, paintings and signs.

This luminaire also enhance atmospheres in other environments such as cafés, lobbies, and conference rooms or restaurants, the office or hotel rooms. It is just the imagination that sets the limits.

Relay Spot 24 V is designed for flexibility, which enables you to build your own system. The luminaires comes in different versions such as black and white, spot or medium beamed. Relay Spot 24 V also suits well in spaces with lower ceiling, where it is no possibilities of installing a large track system.

Use accessories to reduce glare or choose a DALI variant to provide additional dynamic with light control.