A flirt with the shape of the old fluorescent lamp, but in a modern and urban shape. That is the Pondero; a pendant luminaire in a body of untreated steel with aluminium gables. Already a contemporary classic from Fagerhult. The tube shaped body is equipped with LED and Beta Opti louvre, granting a high lighting comfort. The with a well-balanced light distribution (direct/indirect: 93/7) it is adapted for rooms without an underneath ceiling.
Though its appearance is raw and unpolished, this is a luminaire with class. The Pondero is perfect for modern edgy office spaces in refurbished industrial premises, art installations, retail venues or up-to-date bars and cafés. It is energy efficient, with top modern LED-diodes, and a sustainable choice despite its old-looking appearance. Of course you can connect your luminaire, either with Organic Response or with DALI (which includes CLO L100, 50 000 hours). With this well-worked pendant, the industrial romance will soon be an industrial love story.