Kaskad is an elegant lighting solution ideal for front-of-house environments such as lounges, hotel lobbies and entrance halls. The distinct trim ring, combined with the black baffle, creates an architecturally exciting solution with well-defined light. The luminaire’s expression in the ceiling remains the same whether the goal is general lighting via downlights or more accentuated lighting.

Kaskad comes in several versions to meet every project’s needs. Fixed downlights with a variety of light distributions, wallwashers for more ambient light or tilting and rotating luminaires for accent lighting of shapes and surfaces.

Kaskad Fixed
Two types of light distribution, three colour temperatures and three different outputs for an elegant general-lighting solution in communication areas or corridors.

Kaskad Wallwasher
The same stylistic expression as the fixed luminaire, but with asymmetric light distribution to illuminate vertical surfaces.

Kaskad Flex
The tilting and rotating Kaskad Flex lets you cast light exactly where you want.