Dwide is a complete, versatile product family that meets all lighting requirements – whether for office, school or hospital projects. Recessed, ceiling-mounted and pendant luminaires with different light distributions are complemented by smart corner and wall luminaires. For buyers seeking superior aesthetics and light ergonomics that are affordable, Dwide is the obvious choice.

Dwide contains unique anti-glare technology with dual optics. The micro prismatic louvre can be supplemented with a light divider, which reflects light a second time and smooths the contrasts in the luminaire. The result is a comfortable light that creates a sense of space and meets the lighting requirements for offices and schools. The divider is the design element that gives Dwide its unique character and links all the luminaire models through a uniform design language.

Dwide was developed with focus on presence and daylight control, and is available with a range of options – from simpler controls such as e-Sense Bright Switch and e-Sense Active to Organic Response for intuitively controlled office and work environments.

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