ComboLINE is our latest retail system for wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and pendant solutions for both spotlights and linear luminaires. Options for composing your own solution or purchasing a ready-made system provide room for creativity. The system is ideal for offices, fashion, hotels, restaurants and cafés, for example.

Two versions of the spotlight are available, each with its own light distribution (narrow and medium), which is perfect for accentuating specific products or areas. The linear luminaire has wide light distribution for comfortable general lighting. The spotlights (1-spot or 3-spot) and the linear luminaire click easily into the profile system. To provide a uniform and more harmonious impression, cover plates are available which can be used to conceal any open parts in the profile system once the luminaires have been installed. The different lengths and functions also allow you to create the right atmosphere in every part of the room or premises. Our luminaires have a simple design, come in classic black and white, and are intended to enhance – but not overwhelm – the room.

ComboLINE is not only a simple and flexible luminaire family, it is a durable system, which – thanks to its flexibility and versatility – is able to change the impression as well as expression of a room. All with just a few simple clicks. As a complement to the ComboLINE family there is now also a recessed spotlight for single installation in ceilings. The assortment includes both 2700 K and 3000 K in CRI 90, and as narrow or medium beam. With quick release systems for drivers, as well as springs that do not require tools, installation is very simple.