Cirrus G2

A lamppost that offers Scandinavian contemporary design along with high light comfort from the evenly lit top reflector.


Luminaire for installation on posts with post top Ø 60 mm.


Supplied with 5m 1.5 mm² connecting cable (H05RN-F). Can be selected with FQQ, PFXP or PNN cable in 4-6m.


Post bracket, heat sink and cover of cast aluminium. Cup of impact-resistant UV-stabilized PMMA. Ballast integrated in the luminaire.


The inside of the aluminium cover is lacquered in white and serves as a reflector.

Light distribution



Citygrid – PIR sensors with presence detection. Wireless communication via radio protocol.
Citygrid Linked – a wireless system for one or more luminaires. Can be upgraded to Citygrid Connected.
Citygrid Connected – a web-based solution with the ability to remotely control and review the lighting via a cloud hosted gateway which interacts with the installation. An additional subscription is required.
Night-time dimming – see Configure for different options.
Zhaga – Zhaga socket up and up/down. With Zhaga up/down, the node size of the down socket is limited to ⌀ 75 mm.


Anti-glare protection at 125 and 165 degrees.

Designed by

Lyhne Design.

Standard colour

Alu-grey (RAL 9006 G70). Available in traffic grey (RAL 7042 G70), Anthracite grey (Gris 900 Sablé), Graphite grey (RAL 7024 G70), Black (RAL 9005 G70/str.) and Green (RAL 6009 G70). More colours available on request.


Driver with integrated surge protection: 6 kV between phase and neutral conductor (DM), 8 kV between phase/neutral conductor and protective earth (CM).


CLO (Constant Light Output) entails that the luminaire provides the same amount of light for the duration of its specified burn time. More variants and properties available via Fagerhult Configure.


Illuminating green areas and parks increases the sense of security, which means we feel safe in spending a greater part of the day outdoors. Lighting also contributes to the attractiveness and ambience of outdoor environments.


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Customise with Fagerhult Configure

Adapt and optimise the luminaire in Fagerhult’s configurator. You can easily select the CRI, colour temperature, optics, luminous flux, controls, various connection options, and more. All your selections are saved to a product data sheet which you can download along with unique light data files.

  • Adapt and optimise the luminaire
  • Download unique data sheet and light data files
  • To order, contact your sales representative
Start configuration




Name Description
Name Description
Cirrus anti glare shield 125 degrees Anti-glare shield Cirrus Shield 125°, lacquered in alu-grey (RAL 9006 G70). 301651-236
Cirrus anti glare shield 165 degrees Anti-glare shield Cirrus Shield 165°, lacquered in alu-grey (RAL 9006 G70). 301652-236
Citygrid dongle Citygrid Dongle is the commissioning tool that in combination with the Citygrid Configuration app, enables the configuration of a Citygrid installation. 86490
Citygrid On Pole The Citygrid On Pole unit enables all luminaires to be integrated into a Citygrid network. The unit is mounted on a pole and connects to the luminaire via cabling behind the pole cover plate. 86492
Citygrid sensor DALI Zhaga 40 The Citygrid Dali sensor integrates seamlessly with outdoor luminaires, enabling true adaptive lighting control, in combination with the Citygrid Zhaga Controller. 86494
Citygrid Gateway Citygrid Gateway is the bridge between the luminaire's Citygrid controllers and the cloud, which enables data to be displayed on the Citygrid Dashboard. Comes with the Citygrid Gateway Cabinet Kit with 2-wire 1.5 m cable for mounting in electrical cabinets. 86495
Citygrid Zhaga Controller The Citygrid Zhaga Controller is the intelligent device that transforms a luminaire into a smart luminaire. 86505
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