Itza: a canvas for your expression

A trend neutral, minimalist form, soft contours, two different optics, independently controlled direct and indirect light elements and the control system of your choice. Itza offer an ideal blank canvas to add a simple touch of personalisation to your project with the light quality assured.

Express with colour

Itza is designed for simplicity, providing exceptional visual comfort and efficiency in a design that blends into its surroundings. Adding a splash of colour on the end-caps emphasises the form, while maintaining the subtlety of the main body of the luminaire.

For a greater level of visual definition it can be customised with a range of different adhesive colours. The matt finish creates a more robust, industrial expression while the gloss appears to change colour as it follows Itza’s soft contours.

Blue: Azur-matallic matt 970-197

Green: aqua marine matt- 970 318

Express with texture

For a more dynamic, tactile solution, Itza can be supplied with a choice of different textured finishes. Replicating the sense of coloured brushed aluminium or using carbon fibre wrap in a standard or honeycomb pattern, the structured finishes are supplied in a range of different colours. 




Carbon fibre: black premium carbon structure cast 070

The technical basis

With a choice of two lumen packages, two optics, two colour temperatures and Tunable White as standard, I Itza provides a comfortable combination of direct light and space-creating indirect light against walls and ceilings. Optimise with light controls across the e-Sense range to ensure the right light, in the right place at the right time.

Being unique has never been easier.

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