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Fagerhult, together with Sony, introduce a smart collaboration where we package lighting control and navigation. The systems facilitate the flow in large office areas by taking advantage of existing lighting architecture, with extended functionality. 

Through our joint solution, we provide tools for more efficient and dynamic ways of working. It will be easier to locate both employees and vacant premises/desks to work at and free up more space for spontaneous meetings. Everything with productivity and well-being in focus.

This is how it works

Fagerhult’s luminaires, equipped with Organic Response sensor nodes, give the office the opportunity to optimise its premises further. Each sensor node is equipped with, among others, a radio chip that automatically creates a mesh network for wireless communication between the sensor nodes. The radio chip also offers beaconing functionality via Bluetooth, which enables integration with e.g. indoor positioning systems. 

Sony’s smart solution Nimway uses Fagerhult’s built-in sensor nodes to, for example, show the way in the premises or see where your colleagues are (given that they want to be found). All data is held in a secure cloud, and all data is stored according to GDPR directives. The user easily navigates the system using an app, and can book a room, report errors or find their team.

All connected installations with Organic Response are also offered a Software Development Kit (SDK) and an open API.


Nimway from Sony is a smart office solution for a modern connected workplace. The system guides you throughout your working day and eliminates time-consuming tasks — like finding your way to a meeting room, finding a colleague, or finding a vacant desk.

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Organic Response 

Fagerhult’s wireless lighting control system Organic Response is a plug-and-play solution developed specifically for workplaces. The sensors are integrated into the luminaire and only need to be connected to the mains supply for the system to start.

We value your privacy

All smart innovations are based on a flow of personal data. Nimway’s solution complies with GDPR’s privacy directive, and no data is stored for more than 60 seconds. If you want, you can always turn off the possibility of being found by your colleagues, if you need to concentrate and work undisturbed.

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A collaboration available in

Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Poland, United Kingdom, France,
Spain, Ireland, Belgium and The Netherlands.

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