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Together with Securitas, Fagerhult is introducing a smart collaborative solution where we combine lighting control with security. By taking advantage of existing lighting architecture, with extended functionality, we facilitate systems' management of flows and resources in the event of incidents and evacuations.

We deliver two kinds of solutions, one offline and one online, that in different ways provide the tools for secure and efficient responses to emergency situations. In the event of fires or accidents, the systems can assist the alarm equipment in locating employees still inside the building – or see where unwelcome intrusions may have occurred.

Organic Response – ready to go with a single click

The solutions are based on Fagerhult's wireless lighting control system, Organic Response. A plug-and-play wireless system developed for workplaces and alarm environments. The sensors are integrated into the luminaire, which just needs to be connected to the mains for the system to begin running.  


Burglar Alarm Integration 

Are you afraid that your building will have unwelcome visits? Or do you want to be able to activate an alarm and be sure that your premises are empty? By using the existing lighting system, you save on installation costs and materials. The integrated sensors in the luminaires help you as a property owner to gain a complete overview of the various spaces in your building, reducing the number of unnecessary dispatches of security staff.  

Want to know more about the system and how it can be optimised for your building?  


The integrated sensors in the luminaires automatically create a mesh network, providing increased ability to detect presence.

The mesh network connects and communicates with a gateway, and you automatically gain more and denser sensor coverage for communicating with the building's alarm system.  

The gateway in turn, communicates directly with Securitas' alarm system, providing an increased overview as well as opportunities for making better-informed decisions in the event of incidents and alarms.  

Extended granular alarm detection

Multiply your detection points, even in sensitive spaces, by using existing lighting sensors.


We value your privacy  

All smart innovations are based on a flow of data. But none of these solutions store or use the information for anything other than a real-time overview. The systems follow all privacy directives and are only available to increase safety and security.

With the future in the back of your mind 

For us, it's important to think sustainably. Thanks to the integration of two existing systems, the solution provides fewer electronic components and devices. The ability to easily update also guarantees a future-proof product.  


Presence Concept 

In addition to Burglar Alarm Integration, there is also an online solution called Presence Concept. It is also based on Organic Response, and is suitable for portal-connected installations. With the connection, Securitas staff at the operations centre can view the premises with a heat map. In the event of evacuation, this is an excellent way of minimising unnecessary incidents and unfortunate wrong decisions. The Presence Concept is available in two variants, and can be used individually or as an add-on to burglar alarm integration. 

How can we optimise the system for your building?  

Securitas Operation Center (SOC) opportunities.


Securitas operations center receives the alarm and immediately starts a real-time monitoring of the premises.

By using Organic Response, the alarm staff can overview presence/absence in all spaces and quickly decide on the right action.

The operator can examine the premises in more detail with the help of cameras from Axis, make an announcement in the premises or send a patrol to the site.

Automated events.


In the event of a fire or incident, a pre-programmed evacuation route is lit by the luminaires.

Organic Response detects presence / absence in the premises with its PIR sensors, in all rooms that have a luminaire.

A pre-recorded evacuation message is sent out on the premises, through loudspeakers around the building.



Available in Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.
Contact your local office for more information. 

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