Crafted not 

Natural heir to park luminaires

The heart of the city, the natural venue for peoples life to intertwine, a room without borders. The park has always provided us with a sanctuary full of life and movement or a moment for reflection, a natural meeting place. Devina, with its constellation of technically sound design, adds a visual expression as well as visual light comfort. The lantern of our time, a fixture that puts the park in focus. Its many features provide the means for a unique touch on the city's characteristic foundation.

The family

Inspired but not
defined by nature.

The four pre-defined Devina's are created with the four different seasons in mind; materials and expressions linked to the four elements, different Nordic phenomenas and times of the day.


The perfect cylinder.

One of the predominant designs from the 1930s until now has been the globe. Why? Because it's a timeless and beautiful shape. From a lighting perspective, however, it is far from ideal. The light radiates at all angles without purpose. The light source, if left untamed, dazzles the human eye and creates light barriers in the outdoor room.

To combine an alluring ageless form with a light quality to match we turned to the most enduring of design principles: the golden ratio. The precisely proportioned cylinders provide aesthetic symmetry but with the ability to control the distribution of the light via the top reflector to avoid glare and light waste.

By focusing on the simplest and most natural of all forms, Devina is not identified by trends or a set period of time.

In essence, the perfect cylinder.

Dimensions of Devina

The human eye always searches for symmetry as it exists in nature. So we thought, why not ask nature for advice?

Kai Piippo, ÅF Lighting


The heir to city illumination

The lantern has moved beyond a tool solely of navigation, enabling 24 hour communities and an integral part of a cities landscape. Lighting designer Kai Pippo and ethnologist Jan Garnert chart the History of the Lantern.

"We can identify at least three different popular designs that actually has influenced the outdoor lighting design since then; the industry lamp, the lantern with the steel sheet ‘hat’ and the globe."


Jan Garnert, lighting historian 


The glittering light of Nordic summer

Devina Solglitter is a creative collaboration between Fagerhult and Orrefors Glasswork. "I wanted to reflect the glittering light that captures the spirit of Nordic summer", says designer Lena Bergström.