Lepo is an interior design luminaire, now up-dated with LED for unsurpassed energy efficiency and light treatment. Available in three different sizes, the LEDs are contained within a central rod with the diodes directed in multiple directions for optimum uniformity and the prevention of shadow formation.

The shade itself is made of opal acrylic with a matt structure with a decorative flourish via a silver coloured fastening on top and the bottom. A white, full gloss, magnetic ceiling cup for quick fastening without screws is supplied with the luminaire.

Lepo provides a general lighting solution in prestige areas such as lobbies, receptions and café’s. An integral driver enables the fittings to be suspended from a great height either individually or in a vertically mounted installation.


Natural design language

With its neutral shape, simple design and timeless expression, Lepo LED is suitable for various different environments. Suspended from high ceilings, in clusters, at different levels or mix between the three different sizes, it’s easy to create a unique expression with a standard solution. The shade of matt opal acrylic provides exceptional uniformity across the luminous surface.

Control and installation

Controls are an important part of modern lighting solutions and Lepo LED is supplied with DALI/phase pulse as standard. An innovative linking system permits multiple luminaires to be connected in a vertical row, for a striking and interesting installation.


Maintenance free

The driver is concealed within the luminaire house, which not only increases the visual appeal but also permits long cable lengths. When utilising this functionality, the long service life properties of the LED light source ensure Lepo LED is a virtually maintenance-free solution, avoiding the challenges of lamp replacement when suspended from high ceilings.

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