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Excis LED offers an ideal solution in sports halls in terms of lighting comfort, energy efficiency, durability and freedom from maintenance. Three different light distributions (wide, medium and asymmetric) and three different flows allow for a tailored lighting solution for different halls and various sports.

The glare control in Excis LED consists of an optical disc that controls the light longitudinally with exception antiglare properties, all variants pass the UGR requirement for sports halls.

Optimised light outputs, an efficiency of up to 130 lm/w without glare - Excis LED provides all the light you need without consuming a large amount of energy.



Instead of a traditional grill, the light opening is covered by a clear PMMA disc (acrylic) that does not steal any light. This, together with the frame of extruded aluminium, provides a mechanically robust luminaire and ensures resistance against hard shots. Excis LED meets the tough requirements of the standard ball test, VDE 0710, which requires that the luminaire must withstand 36 handball shots with the maximum speed of 60 km/h from three different directions.

Easier installation

Compared with other similar luminaires Excis LED is relatively hasslefree, installed on a wire, pipe or directly onto the ceiling. The connection is made via the headboard and concealed by a plastic cover, safeguarding against making marks on the floor should the cover fall down during installation. The luminaire is equipped with through-wiring for simple further connection. With DALI there is still the possibility to connect the fixtures in the hall on three different phases.


Energy savings with Excis LED

Aside from the fact that Excis LED is maintenance free, there is also a lot of money to save with the Excis LED just in energy cost. If we calculate with the same conditions in a multi-purpose hall 20x40 with the same usage and lighting levels (500 lux), then the energy saving is substantial. We calculated and compared with our own luminaries but please compare us with other solutions.


Energy saving potential in multi-use halls

  1. T8 with conventional operation, 68 Disal T8 3x58 W
  2. T5, 56 Excis T5 4x49 W - saving 20%.
  3. T5, 32 Excis T5 LED 20,000 lm - saving 65 %.

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