Professional light for do-it-yourselfers

  • Year: 2016
  • Location: Gothenburg
  • Design: Excellent EL AB and Fagerhult
  • Photo: Ulf Celander

BAUHAUS introduced the concept of "everything-under-one-roof" for workshops, homes and gardens in 1960, when the first DIY store opened in Mannheim, Germany. Today you find BAUHAUS in 17 European countries with over 220 stores.

BAUHAUS continues to expand and have opened a new store in Sisjön, a commercial area in southern Gothenburg. BAUHAUS Sisjön at 17 000 square meters, is one of Sweden’s largest department stores for DIY. Here the customers find everything for their homes and gardens, from concrete to plants. There are traditional store areas but also a drive-through for bigger items such as boards, timber and other larger items.

A project like this consumes a lot of energy, even if InduLED* is a very energy efficient luminaire. To optimise energy usage, the whole store is controlled by DALI and apart from just supplying the lighting, Fagerhult also planned and commissioned the DALI control for the whole store, including areas were Fagerhult fittings were not used. In total there are 21 DALI routers and 136 DALI relays installed. The staff is able to control the lighting with an easy to understand user interface on a touch-screen where one can select various scenes and, monitor energy use, scenes selected and so on.

All areas with high ceilings at BAUHAUS Sisjön are lit with Fagerhults InduLED, creating a crisp, maintenance-free light for the customers in the store. In total 1500 InduLED luminaires were delivered, 120 of which were with integrated emergency lighting. All InduLEDs were installed on 4,100 meters of the Fagerhult iTrack-system, a solution that gives incredible flexibility as power, control signals etc. can be picked up wherever required along the track. As well as this the track also supply power to the displays at the end of the shelf system.

To simplify the installation, the contractor Excellent El came up with a brilliant idea, a cable basket attached on top of the iTrack! The cable basket carry all the wiring not connected to lighting, such as audio cables, fire alarm, data etc.

Jonas Skillborg, project manager at Excellent El is very satisfied with the solution: Once the iTracks with the cable baskets were installed we got a very fast installation of both the lighting and other electrical wiring, we saved at least 1,000 hours on this. In total, both we and the property owner Alaska Fastighets AB are very satisfied. We have a very good customer experience with the Fagerhult team as they are professionals all the way, from pre-project discussions right through to commissioning the control system, says Jonas.

In the project there are also about 250 KapturLITE**, mainly installed in the outdoor garden area and some in more technical areas such as fork lifter charging areas and such. Other fittings used are Multilume Slim and AllFive LED***.

*Obsolete luminiare. Replaced by Induflex.
**Obsolete luminiare. Replaced by Kaptur.
*** Obsolete luminaire. Replaced by AllFive.