Lighting control in hospitals

A hospital is a complex environment gathering many different specialities under one roof. Depending on the ward or the purpose of the room, there are many options and possibilities to consider within lighting control.

For both patients and staff, the function of the lighting is central, with different rooms requiring different lighting solutions for the tasks and activities performed there. The need for a sufficient amount of light in the right place is particularly important.  

Save energy 

Hospitals do not close at the weekend or in the evening – they are open around the clock every day of the year. However, some areas and spaces have less lighting needs during certain periods, or at certain times of the day. A modern lighting solution with smart control systems enables the luminous flux to be regulated, reducing both the costs and its carbon footprint.  

Choosing a system 

In some areas, you can choose between various e-Sense systems without the need for complex programming, while other areas require more flexibility. With a DALI controller that can be programmed onsite, most requirements can be satisfied in terms of both energy efficiency and flexibility, with various lighting scenes, light levels and colour temperatures (Tunable White).  

Current technology makes it possible to integrate thousands of luminaires and control functions in a single system, built around DALI routers controlled over a network. Fagerhult e-Sense Customised gathers all our lighting control expertise and experience. Despite the use of large and complex lighting installations, only a few components are needed to manage the entire system. 

Luminaires with ballasts, sensors (multisensors), pushbuttons and input units can deal with most functions that are required. The complexity and freedom are down to the software we use – for both commissioning and future programming. 

Recommended lighting control systems  

Different types of care and treatment rooms: e-Sense Customised  
Receptions, offices and communication areas: Organic Response  
Stairwells: e-Sense Flex