The Experience Centre

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Welcome to a world of light

In the heart of Fagerhult, there’s an interactive space where you can discover all dimensions of light. Try, feel, explore and partake in the stories behind our innovations. The Experience Centre is a venue for cooperation and exchanging knowledge where material, sustainability, design and technology take center stage. A true hands-on experience in the world of light.

A hands-on experience in the heart of Fagerhult

in a space dedicated to interaction and exploration

we can discover the possibilities of light.


Feel the light. Share the emotion.

Inspired by light

Immerse yourself in the details and influence the outcome. Interact with the different shapes and fundamentals of light, make conscious choices, and leave enlightened.

Defined by knowledge

The Experience centre is enriched with extensive knowledge from the minds of many. A collaborative space designed to provide answers to any question.

Fagerhult Habo factory

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58°00'01.8"N 14°07'12.4"E

The Experience Centre