Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting is lighting that puts people at the centre. Working from a scientific basis, we at Fagerhult are developing lighting solutions that have a positive impact on physical and mental well-being.

HCL according to Fagerhult

Research has proven that it is possible to affect people’s well-being with electric lighting that has been inspired by daylight. However, there are many different players in the lighting sector, and each has their own definition of HCL. This is ours.

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Good lighting design is the foundation

Human Centric Lighting is lighting that meets the visual, biological and emotional needs of human beings. The design of the lighting therefore needs to take all three factors into account. The lighting should also be viewed as a design project and be based on close cooperation between all the stakeholders. 

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A good night’s sleep

Human Centric Lighting comprises lighting solutions that meet human needs by means of a combination of daylight and electric lighting. With the correct lighting, we are able to control the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and the stress hormone cortisol. But it all starts with a good night’s sleep.

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HCL from a sustainability perspective

We create the best lighting for people. And when nobody is present, we turn it off. Human Centric Lighting allows you to work actively with all aspects of sustainability: people, the environment, society and economy.

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Fagerhult’s guide to HCL

For those of us who work with light professionally, Human Centric Lighting sums up everything that makes lighting so enjoyable and meaningful. Fagerhult possesses the knowledge – and we are happy to share!

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