A role model in a new light with several unique changes for the future.


Questioning every detail, to go beyond.

Goodbye to the fluorescent tubes.

Do you need to switch to energy-efficient LED or reuse existing lighting?

Human Centric Lighting

Join our webinar 29th of September to learn more about how Human Centric Lighting can bring added value to your business.

Rediscover Discovery

– in plastics based on renewable raw materials
instead of fossil oil.

Transparency at every stage

Our goal is to help our customers make conscious choices by reporting the environmental impact of our products in EPDs.

Re:Furbish at Greenhouse

Reduced climate impact with 2 700 refurbished luminaires and energy efficient lighting controls.

Sport and health in new light

See our new lighting guides for energy-efficient solutions for various types of sports facilities.


Light at new levels.