Our view of sustainability

Good light through the years.

Times change but people stay the same. We gather around light. Since 1945, we have been creating lighting for work, creativity, and well-being; in harmony with natural light and through smart technology that follows human needs. We create the right light in the right place – when it is needed.

With good light in focus, we look ahead to protect our environment and the prospects of future generations. We take responsibility for minimising our own climate impact, and we gladly share our knowledge with others. Through carefully balanced decisions and wise economic priorities, we can create opportunities, innovations, and solutions that provide light today – and in the future.

We shall be the leading developer of lighting solutions that support well-being and creativity.

We have committed to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), thereby setting targets to achieve net-zero emissions from our entire operations in the long term, as well as to reduce our emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 °C target.

Innovative of mind


Sustainable at heart


The core of our sustainability work 

To act wisely and develop in the right direction, knowledge and clear targets are needed. In our sustainability work, we have conducted thorough life-cycle assessments (LCAs) to calculate our – and our products’ – environmental impact throughout their life cycle. The results serve as the basis for our ambitious targets and will guide us in our work going forward.

Four priority action areas

Based on the knowledge of our products’ opportunities and impact on our planet, we have identified long-term targets in four priority action areas. These have been formulated in accordance with the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, and we aim to achieve them by latest 2030.

Circular solutions

For us, circularity is the only straight way forward. Our products are designed and manufactured to last a long time and to contribute to circular business models.


Energy efficiency

To reduce energy consumption, we manufacture the most efficient luminaires possible, equipped with smart technology – according to the principle of the right light in the right place and at the right time.


Pure materials

We preserve finite resources and choose recycled and renewable materials in order to reduce the impact from the materials. We have control across the value chain, and we are transparent with our impact.



Conscious production

We shall maintain a high level of conscious and sustainable production. We use renewable energy, reduce resource use and energy consumption, and use materials more circularly.







Sustainability is close to our heart, and we want our guidelines to be transparent and clear. Our sustainability report and our sustainability policy are important elements of our work, and here, together with our sister companies, we thoroughly report on our progress, how we work, and where we are going. The sustainability report is an integrated part of the Fagerhult Group’s annual report.

Read our sustainability report (external link)

Read our sustainability policy

Responsible in action


We are continuously working to improve. As a global organisation operating in many markets, we have great responsibility; something that we bear with respect. This is why we're certified in accordance with ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 9001 (quality).