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Conference and meeting rooms

A meeting room should be an inspiring and creative place, where several activities can be carried out – presentations, discussions or workshops. Adaptive lighting makes it easier for employees to get the most out of their meetings.

Conference and meeting rooms

Rooms to collaborate in

A conference room is a place where people meet from different parts of the organization. Presentations are often given at the meetings, and group discussions or workshops are sometimes held. In the solutions shown, there are two different alternatives. Common to both is a larger, more tone-setting suspended luminaire over the meeting table. According to the standard, at least 500 lx is required in conference and meeting room workspaces. 

For a more contrast-rich environment, we recommend a lighting solution with ambient lighting that creates a feeling of space (250-300 lx). The solutions have alternatives for either wallwashers along the walls or narrow-beam spotlights to vary the look of the room. If the room has a whiteboard, it is also good to consider artwork lighting.

Adapt to the task

Meetings and conferences can be very creative and flexible. In these contexts, it is important to be able to adapt the lighting to the activity. Dimming and adjusting the light level becomes crucial, so that everyone can clearly see the screen during presentations, as well as each other in group discussions.  

This is why we recommend the Organic Response, control system, with sensors in the lighting architecture, easily and wirelessly controlled with an intuitive controller.

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