Fagerhult and LED

Fagerhult uses only LED’s, or LED modules, from recognised manufacturers and pays close attention towards ensuing they are powered for optimal lifespan and efficiency.

To help safeguard against the negative issues related to excessive heat, all components within the Fagerhult range remain within the manufacturers stated levels. An additional safety margin is added when measuring the control temperature (tc) and when calculating the temperature of the LED (tj). This policy has been applied to other electronics, such as high-frequency ballasts and emergency lighting, for many years and has helped ensure the stated expected life span is always achieved by a good margin. The design is optimised by using software that stimulates temperatures and a heat camera to test calculations on the luminaire prototypes. During inspections and testing, the luminaire is always installed in the way it is intended to be used by the end customer. By including these processes at the early stage of the design, this additional margin can be included without increasing the cost of the luminaire.