Dress Up

Adapted and carefully designed lighting is essential in all spaces, but it’s entirely decisive for what customers buy. Especially in shop fitting rooms, where customers decide whether shades are right, for example, and the colour reproduction of garments and accessories is thus of the utmost importance.
Dress Up is a linear wall-mounted luminaire that enhances the atmosphere of fitting rooms. It provides soft, vertical frontal lighting on garments and accessories and adds a more lively and three-dimensional experience to fitting rooms.
This stylish luminaire is also an excellent choice in furnishing offices, changing rooms, lobbies, entrances or conference rooms.
The luminaire comes in four classic colours – white, black, agate grey and stainless steel – and can be adapted to customer preferences, for example, to better match furnishings and/or premises’ brand identity.
The design is a nod to the old-fashioned, cylindrical fluorescent tube, but with modern energy-efficient LED technology inside the shell. As a result, it is both a decorative and functional luminaire, with even light distribution in the diffuser to provide a pleasant glow.
Dress Up is available in two lengths, 1200 mm and 600 mm, and has two control options (on/off and DALI). It’s a flexible plug-and-play solution, and you can install several luminaires on a single driver.
The luminaire is available with two colour temperatures, 3000 and 4000 Kelvin, and CRI 90 colour reproduction.