Dress Up

Well-designed and adapted lighting is important in any space, but in a fitting room, the right shades and colour reproduction of clothes and accessories are crucial for a purchase.

Dress Up is a linear luminaire that enhances the atmosphere of fitting rooms. The design is a nod to the old-fashioned, cylindrical fluorescent tube, but with modern energy-efficient LED technology inside the housing.

This stylish luminaire provides soft, vertical frontal lighting on garments and accessories, and creates a more lively and three-dimensional experience in fitting rooms. The product is also ideal for furnishing offices, changing rooms, lobbies, entrances, and conference rooms.

The Dress Up family includes a wall-mounted luminaire and a rail-mounted luminaire, both of which are easily installed with a Plug and Play system. The rail-mounted version, Dress Up Track, is compatible with our e-Sense Stage lighting control solution.