The inspiration behind Pozzo came from classic architecture’s light treatment. Using natural light as a model, Pozzo offers a lighting solution that creates a feeling of daylight.

Pozzo is available as a recessed, surface mounted or pendent in a choice of different sizes, microprismatic Delta louvre or Opal diffuser. The Delta variants satisfy the requirements of the standard of 3000 cd/m² for monitor work.

Pozzo recessed are available in sizes Ø 350, 450, 550 and 1000 mm. The louvre can be adjusted vertically and makes it possible to vary the appearance and function of the luminaire; as a light well with the diffuser in the upper position, or as a large round beam luminaire, aligned with the ceiling. Some Delta versions are also available with Tunable White and e-Sense Tune.

Pozzo pendent provides pleasant up and downlighting, and is available in sizes Ø 450 and 550 mm.

Pozzo surface mounted with its direct beam light is available in sizes Ø 450 and 550 mm and is offered with e-Sense Move.

Designed by Örjan Nilsson, Yellon.


Pozzo Ceiling

Pozzo I Delta

Pozzo I Opal

Pozzo Pendant