Twister Line

Tune it. Twist it. Shape it. 

The Twister Line is a modern flirt with classic fluorescent design, but in a modern energy-efficient configuration. With the visual perception as a starting point, the luminaire is perfect for striking accent lighting. Thanks to the adjustable twist, you can continuously form new graphic patterns, geometric shapes and textures. Perfect for aesthetically enhancing a surface or reinforcing the brand identity of your premises.

Twister Line

Create patterns and make an impression

The Twister Line is a brilliant line, which easily enhances designed spaces. The narrow, rounded minimalist shape is an effective tool in creating dynamism in your premises. Lightly tap the luminaire for either a Control Track or Lighting Track Pro, and choose how you want to control it. With 23 "guided" adjustable positions, the possibilities of expression with this luminaire are endless.


twister_line_Rityta 1-02.png

Twist and style

Lighting is one of the most important ingredients in any interior-design recipe. It is the spice that gives a space its special flavour, that changes its feel or expression and that creates a lasting impression on us.

The Twister Line is perfect for accent lighting, with the visual experience as a starting point. An aesthetic classic with a rounded shape that, as well as in groups or as a solitary unit, is a design element to be reckoned with. Let the illuminating lines of the luminaire create new patterns and looks, twist the theme – and give the room a real twist.

Make the physical store your USP  

E-commerce is booming and brick-and-mortar stores are struggling with the competition. In times like these, it may be that the way forward – can be a step backward. What separates e-commerce from a traditional store is, of course, the store. The experience, the knowledge, the personal interaction. Here are some examples of how you can take advantage of this. 


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