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By 2030 we want all new products to be made of renewable or recycled materials. Kvisten is made of certified wood sourced from sustainable forestry and reused reflectors – and represents a step in that very direction. We understand that you may be curious about what a wooden luminaire entails, which is why we have gathered some questions and answers here.

The body of Kvisten comprises FSC-certified pine plywood sheets with an outer layer of birch. The assembly plate is made from FSC-certified pine plywood while some smaller details in the luminaire are made from poplar plywood that is 70% PEFC certified. The luminaire body is milled and varnished in Sweden, while the details and assembly plate are laser cut in Denmark.

Forestry certification and labelling forestry products are the forestry and timber industry’s way of showing that they produce and sell products from sustainably managed forests. An independent party certifies that a business or product is run or manufactured according to certain standards. The largest international certification schemes for responsible forestry in the world are FSC® and PEFC. 

Both the driver and LED board in the luminaire have working lives of 50,000 hours, and just like lots of our luminaires, Kvisten also has a working life of at least 20 years.  

All our luminaires are tested and carefully inspected at our own Technology Centre, and Kvisten is tested in accordance with all requirements set out in the EN 60598 safety standard. We never compromise on safety and never release anything that we don't think is up to standard. 

In order to investigate and test the heat resistance of Kvisten, we commissioned a Glow Wire Test. This entails passing a 650ºC hot wire through the material without it catching fire.  

Yes, the wooden details on the luminaire have been sealed using an environmentally-friendly water-based varnish that provides UV protection. The varnish contains 1% white pigment to further prevent yellowing to the wood.

Yes, wood is a living material that not only naturally shifts in colour, but also features many different patterns in texture. No two luminaires are the same, which is a pretty beautiful thing if you ask us!

The Kvisten frame is made from cross-glued plywood, which means they are very stable in shape and the respective parts are largely unaffected by moisture. When the luminaire is assembled, it becomes a stable shape. Kvisten is IP20 rated like most indoor luminaires.

The entire luminaire can be recycled, just like other luminaires, as electrical scrap. Once it enters the recycling process, the wooden frame will be recycled into energy. Our goal is to ensure that all our products can be easily disassembled to allow for the materials to be used over and over again.



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