It all began with a Christmas present

As the youngest brother, Bertil Svensson was never destined to take over the family farm. An inquisitive, open-minded person, he trained as an electrician. During the dark winter evenings on the farm, Bertil would see his mother struggle with her handicrafts in a dimly lit room.

It was then that he decided to design a lamp for his mother. When Bertil saw how pleased his mother was with the lamp, he decided to improve people’s everyday lives with luminaires.


Bertil’s eye for detail and his perfectionism was characteristic of our production then, as it still is today. Back then, our employees embroidered cross-stitch patterns by hand onto the lampshades we sold. Even though today much of our production has been modernised and automated, it is thanks to individual inspection by our assemblers that the quality of our luminaires is ensured. We also test all of our luminaires at our own Technical Centre before a single product is launched on the market.


Sadly, Bertil is no longer with us; however, his principle of providing people with the right light in the right place lives on – almost 75 years after the company was founded. Our head office is still located a stone’s throw from where our history began, in Fagerhult in rural west Sweden. We remain close to our roots, something we consider an advantage given that we now operate in almost 20 countries worldwide.

Because the factory began on such a small scale, and in such a small community, Bertil employed his friends and neighbours from the village of Fagerhult at the company. For them, the most important thing was always the customer – to make someone’s everyday life better and more productive.

To this day, we take responsibility for the entire supply chain; from concept and production to delivery and installation at our customer’s premises. That said, today our company is considerably larger. Our head office in Fagerhult currently employs 650 people working on everything from R&D and industrial design to safety and assembly. Our aim is always that our products should make a difference to people’s everyday lives, whether that be in the workplace, hospitals, schools or other public spaces. We are now a part of the Fagerhult Group, a global lighting group comprised of 13 companies and 4,700 employees in 28 countries. Together, we make the world a brighter place.