From private to public.

When Bertil Svensson founded Fagerhults Belysning, he did so bearing the peoples life in mind. He wanted to improve the everyday life of common people. Back then, a lot of handicraft work was made at home, such as knitting, sewing or wood craft – and a good lighting was crucial for this to be successful.  


From incandescent light bulb to LED

Here at Fagerhult we have developed, manufactured and sold lighting solutions for 75 years. At the time our company was founded, only one type of light source existed, the incandescent light bulb. In 2020 the lighting industry has made a huge transition from ‘mechanical’ to electronic, giving us new possibilties to be more energy efficient.

The people behind.

From a small family business with production in a shed - to a global lighting supplier. None of this could have happened without the co-workers at Fagerhult. To this day, we take responsibility for the entire process; from concept and production to tests, delivery and installation at our customer’s premises.

Our aim is to create lighting solutions that helps everyday activities. We know that light affects us visually, emotionally and biologically. When these aspects are in perfect harmony, we provide enhancing lighting experience for people in any public space. Together, we make the world a brighter place.


Stories from our history.


the 40's

Lampen – a Christmas gift


the 50's

Festival – a celebration of light


the 80's

Trimtube 2000 – the office star


the 90's

Pleiad – the brightest downlight 


the 00's

Ten° – Form, function and flexibility


the 10's

Appareo – It's a kind of magic

The 20's

Keeping the light on...