Decorative accessories 600x600

Better glare control for an improved work environment

Recessed LED flat panels are a popular solution in large offices and open work spaces. Unfortunately these luminaires do not have uplights, which can result in dark contrast against the surrounding ceiling surface. This can cause the LED panels further away in the room to create glare for the people working in the office.

Accessories such as Compago or Fence provides effective mechanical cut off around the LED panel so that less of the luminaires surface is visible from a distance, thereby reducing the average luminance. This creates more comfortable ambient lighting in the room. It also gives the ceiling surface a livelier appearance and makes it easier on the eye than a completely flat surface.

Lars Eriksson 

Decorative accessories 

Enhance your room

Recessed LED panels already have many advantages, such as low energy consumption and flexible use of the rooms, but they can be further improved. Fagerhult's decorative accessories are ideal for our 600x600 luminaires, transforming the look of even the most anonymous of rooms without taking over completely.

We have solutions for the most varied surfaces and work activities. Choose between a classic, glare-free grid pattern, a perforated frame in different colours or one of our circular solutions to create contrast and variety in the room.

A new look - by giving your existing luminaires a simple update.

A sustainable solution,
for people and the environment.

Make a big difference with minimal effort

The most ingenious thing about the new accessories is that no major work is needed to make a noticeable difference in the room. Simply fit the accessories to the existing luminaires, either around them (Fence and Sky) attached to the ceiling, or with the luminaire positioned on top (CompagoIce, Edge and Circle).

Either way, installation is simple and requires no tools or cables – not even an electrician!

Compago | Circle | Ice | Edge


Place the decorative plate in front of the luminaire, and secure both to the ceiling with a simple grip. 

Fence | Sky frame


First attach the decorative frame to the ceiling, then place the recessed luminaire in the opening.