A light along the road.

Good road and street lighting increases traffic safety and contributes to a sense of security, well-being, and atmosphere. Evolume is a series of weather-resistant, post-mounted luminaires for streets and roads, with high performance and great light comfort. With updated technology, simple installation, and excellent light properties, Evolume is a safe and good long-term investment.


New! Evolume with Bioinclusive Lighting ↓

A trio with many bright sides

Evolume is available in three sizes with a uniform and proportionate appearance in every project. It is a versatile luminaire suitable for many purposes – from smaller streets to major roads and highways with requirements for high light levels.

Evolume 75

A neat luminaire for pedestrian and bicycle paths, local or city streets, smaller roads and car parks.

Evolume 1

A luminaire that is particularly suitable for larger car parks, roads, and highways.

Evolume 2

A larger and very powerful luminaire that meets the requirements for higher light levels. 

Evolume family

Create your own solution 

In our configurator, you can adapt luminaires and solutions based on your needs – and turn your visions into possibilities. Download product data sheets and light data files to take the next step in your project.

Create your unique Evolume

Recycled materials, sustainable solutions

In Evolume, the aluminium alloy EN AC-44300 is used, which is particularly suitable for outdoor use and for parts with thin walls and complex geometry. We use 99% recycled aluminium for our outdoor products and choose alloys that effectively resist corrosion. The screws are made of acid-proof stainless steel and have been treated to prevent corrosion between cast parts and screws. The tempered glass and the luminaire’s reflector (made of plastic) are 100% recyclable materials.

To make it comparable and transparent Evolume 1 comes with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), this gives a clear review of the products total environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. 


Tailor-made optics and visual comfort

AGC lenses (Advanced Glare Control) are used in Evolume. These lenses are larger than normal, which means that the luminance is spread over a larger area to reduce discomfort glare. All AGC lenses are optimised for maximum post distances, maximum light within a working area, maximum luminosity and maximum glare reduction for the given road conditions. Regardless of the luminaire you choose, you can easily and cost-effectively customise a solution for your project.

Presence-controlled and smart lighting

Evolume is available with Zhaga socket. When new technology is developed, this standardisation makes it possible to modify a control unit specifically, instead of having to modify the entire luminaire. One example is Citygrid, which is a wireless lighting control system for outdoor environments. The system is both open and scalable, and you can easily add extra luminaires, and modify or optimise an existing installation. 

Evolume with lighting control

Effective over time

As LEDs are used, their luminous flux decreases. By programming the driver, the luminaire compensates for this and provides a constant luminous flux: Constant Light Output (CLO), designated L100. Fagerhult luminaires with L100 have the same light level after 100,000 hours of burn time as when they are first turned on. This results in a higher maintenance factor, an optimised system, and no excessive installation. This contributes to a lower installed output and, in some cases, fewer luminaires.

Easy installation – same bracket for arm and post 

Every minute counts along roads, and with Evolume it’s easy to maintain speed even during installation. The luminaire can be mounted on a post or arm, and you can easily switch between the two variants with a simple turn. 


Bioinclusive Lighting

Lighting is essential to humans. It extends the day, helps us navigate, and provides us with a sense of security. However, it also affects biodiversity, contributes to light pollution, and can have a adverse impact on human health.  The idea behind Bioinclusive Lighting is to create lighting solutions that meet people’s need for light, in balance with the ecosystem, and for a more sustainable future.

Evolume has been adapted and optimised to have as little impact on wildlife as possible. The luminaire is now available with more options and colour temperatures (2700K, 2200K and PC Amber) as well as adaptive light. This allows the intensity, wavelength distribution, and light distribution to be adapted based on need, time, and presence.

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