Push Dim

Personalised lighting at your fingertips

Fagerhult’s new innovation is designed to further promote the work environment and enhance light comfort in the office. With our Push Dim solution, it is possible to adapt the lighting over an individual workstation to suit different tasks and needs. All with the touch of a button.

The Choice is Yours 

In an open-plan office, where workstations are not always separate, it’s good to know that lighting can be adapted to suit different personal preferences. People of different ages need different brightness levels to see well, and lighting may need to be adjusted at different times of the day. The dimming feature allows staff to set the preferred light level to make it easier to work. A balanced and well-adjusted lighting solution is beneficial to the work environment and well-being in the workplace.

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Meet requirements   

It is not only individual employees who benefit from a well-balanced lighting solution. With the help of smart innovations, such as Push Dim, the entire building can better comply with current building standards (e.g. WELL standard). These types of standards help to promote the perceived climate on several levels, such as ventilation, lighting and noise. In the Western world today, we spend almost 90% of our waking hours indoors. We want that time to be spent in a healthy environment. 

A uniform impression 

This innovation replaces the previous pull cord that had a similar function for lighting control. But instead of tangled cords, which are either usually tied up or left to hang in the field of view, this solution creates a neater aesthetic. In larger rooms, the perception of the office environment becomes more uniform.  

Push Dim is available in two versions:

- Off/On/Dim

- Presence/Daylight Dimming + Off/On/Dim.

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