Industrial lighting is more than just industry

When we say industry many of us think of production but it might as well be lighting for garages, logistic centres, supermarkets or even the arrival halls at airports. The common thing in most cases is high mounting heights with all that implies in terms of difficult installation, complicated and time-consuming maintenance and high outputs to bring the light down on the floor.

High mounting heights can make maintenance complicated, especially if an operation goes on around the clock. The operation requires uninterrupted light and to disrupt the operation for maintenance costs time, and ultimately money. With a modern lighting solution from Fagerhult you can forget about the fittings until it is time to replace them.

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All light on the operation

Great heights require high light outputs. Our industrial luminaires are available in many different designs in terms of light output and light distribution so that it is always possible to find the perfect solution, for a narrow warehouse aisle or an open floor space in a logistics center.

Our lighting solutions not only provides the light needed for the operation, they also help to create a sustainable solution considering energy use. By choosing the right fitting for the task minimizes both the energy bill and the impact on the environment.

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e-Sense Move Highbay

e-Sense Move Highbay är ett ljusstyrningssystem för industriella applikationer. Systemet är utrustat med både mikrovågssensor och PIR-sensor i samma enhet som gör att du kan växla mellan de två teknikerna för närvarodetektering eller använda båda samtidigt. 

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Installation with the installer in mind

In an empty space all installation is simpler than an exchange in an industry or supermarket with an ongoing operation. As we have taken installation issues into consideration from the start a replacement can be done with as little interruption as possible. With  InduLED it probably takes more time to move the scissor lift than to mount and connect the luminaire.

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Reference cases


The new InduLED is a real light machine with superior efficiency and service life. InduLED can be installed in half the time it takes traditional industrial luminaires. InduLED has been equipped with a pivot function; open the luminaire by pressing on the inner end caps, insert the cable, connect the terminal block and close again. Finished! InduLED is IP 23 classified and is also available in a snap-in connection model.

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Hero is a robust high bay luminaire with a housing made of cast aluminium and tempered glass or PMMA, and is certified in accordance with VDE 0710-13. Protection class IP 66 and corrosion class C4/15 years, if PMMA is used, IK 10 is achieved.

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