Lighting for Healthcare. 

Healthcare and nursing comprise a large sector with extensive commitments and responsibilities. Their premises must be safe, secure and – in many cases – clinically clean if not sterile. In modern healthcare and nursing environments, all lighting in the premises should offer control with a shared focus – people. 

Fagerhult wants to contribute to the right of all patients to good care in a safe and secure healthcare environment. We want to use the right lighting to simplify the work of healthcare and nursing staff while creating calm and pleasant workplaces. We consider light and lighting to be an aid in that work.


Support the circadian rhythm for patients and staff

A good circadian rhythm is essential for patient recovery and well-being. Melanopic Ratio is a factor that makes it easy to plan and document the biological impact of the lighting installation. By presenting Melanopic Ratio for all our luminaires, we make it possible to plan lighting that supports the circadian rhythm of both patients and staff.

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Skejby Psychiatric Hospital


Uppsala University Hospital

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