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Logistic excellence in new light

IKEA needs no further introduction but one thing we normally don’t see as customers is the background logistics. When you go to a store you want to be able to pick up what you bought directly. Also, when you order on-line, you want the goods on time. The logistics must work!


IKEA Distribution Services have three warehouses in Jönköping and in one of them a lighting upgrade has commenced. The warehouse, with its 93,000 m2, is one of the logistic hubs to serve both customers and IKEA stores. Each day there are items coming in from suppliers by trucks and railway, and distributed to warehouses and customers across the Nordic countries.

The warehouse was built in the early nineties so it was time to examine the lighting with a view to improving light levels and reducing energy costs. Hence the decision to upgrade the existing lighting system.



The first stage of the lighting upgrade was an area of 27,000 m2 where about 1,000 2x58 W fittings with conventional ballasts were exchanged for 639 InduLED 12,000 lm medium beam with lined prismatic glare control. The exchange of fittings alone reduced the energy bill by approximately 60 per cent.

The original installation was an on/off system controlled by presence detectors. But for further savings a DALI Broadcast zone control solution was installed. Instead of lights being off because no presence is detected the new fittings were set to 80 per cent output on normal operation, then dimmed down to 50 percent after 3 minutes and further reduction to 20 per cent after 30 minutes without presence detection.

The installation is carried out by Assemblin EL, Jönköping, and Niclas Marklund, project manager is very satisfied with the InduLED.

It is really easy to install the InduLED, my staff on site found it extremely quick to install which, in the end, saves a lot of time and reduces costs. Since we are working at a site where the operation is on-going around the clock on workdays and dayshift at weekends, time was a really important issue, for us and for IKEA, Niclas says.
Peter Frohlund, service technician at IKEA Distribution Services adds; Even though operations continued during the exchange but I must say it was very smooth and trouble-free. During the installation we had two guys moving the goods so that the contractor had (an) easy access to the installation area. Everyone here is very satisfied, both with the exchange itself but mostly with the improved lighting.

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