Light at new levels. 

Our reliable and powerful Induflex luminaire is an excellent solution for industrial sites, warehouses or grocery stores. With long life time, low energy consumption and high light performance, it is optimal for areas where maintenance and service access of luminaires is difficult and/or entails costly interruptions in operations. In a world that never sleeps, a reliable lighting solution is needed to do the job 24/7 – every day of the year.


Optics of the future is already here

We always want to do things better. That’s why we have equipped Induflex with a newly developed optical innovation where we have placed the lenses and louvre shutters together, providing a comfortable and balanced directed working light. This allows us to install lighting solutions that meet UGR requirements according to the standard. Furthermore, our high flux luminaire with premium LEDs provides 30% fewer installation points than its predecessor (InduLED), saving both material resources and energy.



Different conditions, same luminaire

No project is the same, and different facilities have their special requirements and conditions. This is why Induflex is available with three different light distributions (narrow, medium and wide beam). They are specially designed to meet the various requirements that exist in, for example, narrow high bay warehouses, wide forklift aisles, workshop environments or in specialist trade.

Transparency for the future

We want to be fully transparent and help our customers make informed choices. In our work to refine Induflex, an environmental product declaration documents the luminaire's life cycle.

Download EPD 1200 mm  Download EPD 1500 mm

Raising the installation to the skies

Stopping operations in grocery stores, warehouses or at industrial sites can have major economic effects. The luminaires are mounted at several meters height, not infrequently by a single installer. A quick, simple and safe solution is therefore required. Induflex’s innovative installation solution with integrated cable suspension and quick connectors, combined with a stable luminaire body with low weight, enables efficient installation and shortens stops in operations.

Lights only when needed

The luminaire is available with two different LED solutions, one with premium LEDs and one with standard LEDs. The premium LEDs have a driver function with CLO (Constant Light Output) with L100, which entails that they have the same light level after 100,000 hours of burn time as as when they were first installed. With CLO it is easy to save energy, you get a higher maintenance factor and a more optimised plant.

To save even more energy, we have smart lighting control that can adjust the lighting according to the activities underway. All for well-adapted and sustainable working conditions.

Lighting control

A long-term investment

Today's choice, with a little bad luck, could be tomorrow’s problem. Making a wise investment for your high-ceiling facility from the start, with energy-efficient and durable luminaires, means you have one less thing to worry about in the coming decades – whether your operations are in retail, warehousing, sports or industry.

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