Straight lines, right angles

Discover Notor 36 in recycled aluminium – now also in a new, optimised format.

Streamer Mini

The complete package.

Smart lighting

No light wasted. No energy wasted.
No space wasted. 


Questioning every detail, to go beyond.

Our view of sustainability

By committing to Science Based Target and an increased focus on circularity, we work towards a sustainable future.

A role model in a new light.

- with several unique changes for the future.

Organic Response

Reduce your climate impact with a smart system
- use energy only when needed.

Rediscover Discovery

In plastics based on renewable raw materials
instead of fossil oil.

Lighting for the future's workplaces.

We create sustainable lighting solutions with people in focus.

Lighting and design concepts for retail.

Expose your brand with the right lighting.