Streamer Mini

The complete package.

The UN defines sustainable consumption and production as doing better and more with less. From reducing embodied carbon and increasing the operational efficiencies to enhancing the lit effect and future-proofing the lighting design, Streamer Mini is another step in our journey towards a more sustainable future.  


Materials matter

Minimising consumption without compromising on quality or performance is the guiding principle behind the development of Streamer Mini. Manufactured from recycled aluminium, the cylindrical housing has been scaled down by 20% compared to the original version. Reducing the amount materials used and the size of the packaging for more efficient transportation. Each technical part is specifically sourced to work in unison, ensuring the miniaturised form factor helps create elevated lit experiences with the least environmental impact.

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Do better and more with less energy.

Energy conservation

Efficient energy usage is a crucial aspect of sustainable design, both environmentally and economically. In this regard Streamer Mini is truly peerless, delivering efficiencies more than 150 lm/w. Compared to earlier versions of LED technology of 100 lm/w or 120 lm/w, Streamer Mini generates the same illumination levels but using 50 or 25% less energy respectively to achieve it. This, coupled with excellent light treatment and glare control, helps create dynamic and responsible in-store environments.

The evolution of the spotlight

Based on spotlights (3000 lm) from Fagerhult during the year 2015-2024.


LED spotlights have provided an unprecedented step change in energy optimisation. Streamer Mini is the next phase of this journey.  


Refined techniques and technological advancements have reduced the amount of materials required to manufacture each spotlight.


Minimising the size of the luminaire has resulted in more products per pallet, optimising the number of luminaires which can be sent with each deliver.

Colour as you designed it.

From branding and finishes to products and materials, colour is used to create harmony, balance and consistency. To accurately reflect this with lighting has traditionally required compromise. High colour rending was at the expense of efficiency, warm colour temperatures often made whites appear dull.

Streamer Mini utilises the latest CRI 90, 3000K BBBL LED chips that perfectly render colours across the entire spectrum, adapted specifically to bring a crispness to whites. This ensures colour authenticity to both the interior and merchandise while still providing market leading efficiency.

Built for repurpose

LED technologies are built to last, providing 90% of their original output for approximately 11 years based on average opening times. Spotlight solutions have always enabled a degree of flexibility due to the simplicity of changing their position on the track. Streamer Mini takes this concept to the next level. It’s unique 4-step dip switch allows you to adapt the output from 1300 up to 2469 lm simply by flicking a switch on the driver.



250mA – 1300 lm (LL)


350mA – 1753 lm (MLL)


400mA – 2000 lm (MHL)


500mA – 2469lm (HL)

In selected areas, or across the entire store, you can adapt the balance between contrast and uniformity to fundamentally change the ambience, or reduce the output to minimise energy consumption, without requiring additional capital investment. So, if you are changing your store design, tenant or moving location, you can keep your Streamer Mini with you.

Streamer Mini Twin

Experience lighting in stereo

Streamer Mini twin spotlight allows two spotlights to share a single inTrack driver, reducing material usage and environmental footprint without compromising on performance. With the possibility to tailor light levels and intensity for each spotlight on-site, it offers flexibility for your lighting needs and adapts effortlessly to your evolving space and requirements. Double up your light experience, while cutting down on material and installation time.

Consistency for flexibility

Sharing the same design language and light characteristics, the Streamer series enables a mix-and-match approach to tailor the lit experience to the application. Streamer Mini is available in both track mounted or recessed variations, providing a consistent visual experience and light quality in open spaces or areas with a ceiling. Developed specifically for retail applications, it is supplied as standard with 3000K and on/off functionality. Streamer offers an extended choice of colour temperatures, control options and anti-glare, barndoor and honeycomb accessories.

A tailored light experience.

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