The Sentra is a classically designed linear luminaire intended for larger stores such as hypermarkets and department stores. With its newly developed rounded inner profile, it provides a soft, pleasant light that can illuminate all different types of surfaces and products.
With three different light distribution patterns, the Sentra meets the lighting requirements for all types of stores. Asymmetric light distribution directs light to one side in order to effectively illuminate walls and shelves. Double asymmetric light distribution is perfect for aisles where both sides need to be illuminated. Wide-beam light distribution with an opal diffuser creates a pleasant light over the entire surface without requiring too many luminaires.
The Sentra is available in the classic colours black or white in lengths of 1200 mm and 1800 mm. The luminaire is available for two different track systems; Lighting Track Pro which is a 3-phase rail for easy on/off functionality and Control Track for control with DALI.
Two different lumen packages in 3000 or 4000 Kelvin make the Sentra compatible with different mounting heights and lighting needs. Both options have CRI 80 colour rendering.
The DALI versions have CLO (Constant Light Output) which provides an even light level during the life of the luminaire and saves energy as you can avoid over-installation.