Pozzo is like a small piece of sky, a lightwell effect that brings a daylight feel into all types of rooms. Drawing inspiration from natural light, a pleasant daylight feel is created, and the classic round shape and bevelled edge produces a soft luminance transition to the ceiling. Since the luminaires are available in several sizes and with adjustable diffuser positions, exciting concepts and be created for both small and very large areas.

The Pozzo is available in three sizes: Ø 345, Ø 445 and Ø 545 mm and with Delta or Opal louvre shutters. Delta is a microprismatic louvre shutter system that meets the standards for monitor work.

Installation is quick and easy with the help of Fagerhult's spring construction. A snap-in connector between the luminaire and the ballast ensures safe installation and reduces the risk of handling errors.

The Pozzo Robust and Pozzo Power are two specially adapted luminaires designed to meet higher demands. The Pozzo Robust is IK 10 rated and is mounted with safety screws to prevent access and disassembly in environments with higher demands on safety. Available in size Ø 470 mm.

The Pozzo Power has a separate spotlight that can be turned on and off as required, making the luminaire useful as an examination light in a medical setting or as directional lighting above surfaces and objects. Available in size Ø 445 mm.

All models are available in two different lumen packages, 3000 or 4000 Kelvins with CRI 80/90 colour rendering, and Tunable White. Pozzo Power and Pozzo Robust are also available with Tunable White Melanopic.

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