Notor 36

Notor 36, a luminaire with a square profile and a Scandinavian design style. Only 36x36 mm, it blends into the background and enables you to create both symmetry and creative patterns. An obvious choice when you want to accentuate the light and the architecture.
The versatility of Notor enables you to work with it in many different ways. Work creatively with suspended, ceiling-mounted or recessed versions in black, white or silver. When set up modularly, each Notor 36 is assembled electrically by means of our innovative installation technology. Click the luminaires together easily by hand, saving time from running electrical cables between the luminaires.
Notor 36 is small and stylish without compromising on functionality and lighting effect. Two louvre options enables two for different looks; opal for balanced glare control and a discreet, evenly bright surface. Beta Opti Nano for high efficiency and superior light comfort without causing multiple shadows.
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