Multilume Re:Think

Multilume is our large family of recessed luminaires, which now have a new addition: Multilume Re:Think. With a body made entirely of hard cardboard, this lightweight luminaire is a step forward towards our sustainability promise to reduce our climate impact in production.

The smooth ambient light of Multilume Re:Think provides excellent light ergonomics, ideal for different surfaces and activities. This lighting solution can either illuminate a space with smooth surfaces or with a more dynamic structure, without being an obstacle to the placement of furniture or the interior design. Multilume Re:Think is available in three sizes (600x600, 300x600, and 300x1200) to suit a wide range of lighting needs.

Multilume Re:Think can be so much more than just a square panel in the ceiling. The 600x600 version has a rounded light opening, and its appearance can also be customised with our decorative accessories. The accessories can be used to match the decoration/furnishings, or to give the luminaire an eye-catching look to stand out against a uniform background.

Without compromising on light quality and technology, Multilume Re:Think meets all the relevant quality and lighting standards, just like the Multilume range. On the other hand, climate impact in production is exceedingly small compared to other luminaires with bodies in sheet metal or plastic. To further reduce climate impact, Multilume Re:Think is also available with Organic Response, our wireless plug-and-play system for presence detection and lighting control. An excellent choice when you have the future in mind.

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