Good road and street lighting contribute, among other things, to increased traffic safety, a perceived safer environment and the creation of an attractive and pleasant atmosphere – even outdoors. Fagerhult has taken this into account in its lamppost family Evolume, which has been further developed to better cope with the conditions in our dark Nordic climate.

Evolume is a series of weather-resistant, post-mounted luminaires for streets and roads, with high performance and light comfort. The luminaires are available in three sizes (75, 1 and 2) and together provide a complete and uniform appearance for your projects.

Seeing and being seen
A fundamental principle for Fagerhult is that our outdoor lighting must be energy and environmentally efficient. We want to achieve good visibility and high light comfort with low energy consumption and as little environmental impact as possible. Our advanced optics solutions provide energy and cost-effective luminaires with our leading LED technology.

Evolume is available with many different lenses to meet the diverse requirements of road types and locations. The advanced lens technology ensures pleasant light distribution across pavements, car parks or roads, improving visibility, safety and security.

The three different sizes offer similar lighting technology properties but with varying numbers of lenses and fields of luminous flux.

Adapt to your needs
The smaller luminaire, Evolume 75, is designed with excellent lighting characteristics, for example, pedestrian and cycling paths, local or city streets, smaller roads and car parks. The size of the luminaire is 75% of its larger brother, Evolume 1. Evolume 1, in turn, is well suited for larger car parks, thoroughfares and larger and more extensive road systems. Big brother Evolume 2 is a larger, more powerful luminaire, a good choice when even higher light levels are required.

On some post-installed models, can also be added a Zhaga-D4i socket. A choice that opens new ways for adapting existing luminaires for future developments and technologies.

In Fagerhult Configure, you can view all the standard properties and make your choices in optimising your projects.