ELG ed.2

A power supply channel with integrated lighting in which electricity, telecom, signal and computer equipment outlets are concealed behind covers that are easy to open and close.


ELG ed.2 is mounted on a fastening bracket which is supplied with the panel. The fastening bracket is mounted on the wall, allowing the panel to then be easily placed on the main bracket and locked.


ELG ed.2 is intended to be mounted completely assembled, with all outlet sockets internally connected to terminal blocks. For socket outlets where cabling must be routed, pull-wires are placed in a separate cable duct. Gas pipes are routed to the end of the panel. There are three different connection options.
1. Surface mounted supply duct (17448) between the suspended ceiling and the panel; the top of the panel is adapted where the supply duct connects upwards. Gas pipes are separated using a partition wall inside the connection area and come out approx. 300 mm inside the supply duct.

2. Connection from the side through the panel’s end cap; the end cap is adapted with holes for connection cables and gas pipes. The gas pipes come out approx. 300 mm through the end cap.

3. Connection from behind into the back of the panel; the panel is adapted with holes in the back where cables and gas pipes connect. The gas pipes end at the holes.

Electrical socket outlets

The specified number of electrical outlet sockets are positioned behind covers which can be easily opened. The cover can remain closed even when the electrical outlet sockets are in use, concealing the entire electrical installation. ELG ed.2 is able to accept outlet sockets with a customised outlet socket design. The panel can also be equipped with different national standard outlet sockets.


The reading light and night light are normally adjusted via a bedside table box, examination light via a switch on the panel. The general light is controlled by a separate switch at the entrance to the room or via a switch on the panel. Fagerhult has tailored a relay that is available in two versions: 1-patient and 2-patient. The relay is powered by 24 V ≅; there are inputs from potential-free impulse push buttons for reading light, night light and examination light. There are outputs for 1–10 V and 230 V phase as well as ignition wires for an examination luminaire and night light. The relay also has a preset potentiometer for adjusting the intensity of the reading light. The 2-patient version has dual inputs and outputs. All the luminaires can also be equipped with DALI HF ballasts and impulse push buttons with the DALI-444 unit. A DALI 5-button keypad can be mounted by the doorway into the room. With a DALI power supply in the connection area, the entire room can be tailored to accommodate different lighting scenarios.

Reading lamp, examination lighting

Model 1 and 2 are recessed in the front of the panel, while model 3 is an externally mounted lamp which is supplied with a bracket in the panel. Models 1 and 2, use HF ballasts with dimming to adjust the luminaires brightness as required, with the potential to utilise it as a reading light. The luminaires are dimmable 1–10 V, DALI or switchDIM. Model 3 is dimmed via the lamp’s own switch.
1. Model with 1x55 W compact fluorescent lamp and HF ballast for dimming. The light is reduced to approximately 60 %. The front consists of two aluminium sections which hold a polycarbonate plastic cover in front of the light opening.

2. Model with 2x24 W or 2x39 W T5 fluorescent lamps and HF ballasts for dimming. The light is reduced to approximately 30 %. The front consists of a laminated glass cover that is sand-blasted along the top edge in order to reduce glare, but still gives the front a lit surface.

3. The panel can be fitted with a bracket for a reading and examination lamp with articulated arm, either Amalia, Medicool or Halux.

Material, colour

ELG ed.2 is manufactured in extruded aluminium and is powder coated in white (RAL 9010) equivalent to NCS 0502Y as standard. Other colours from the NCS or RAL scale are available on request. The panel can be supplied in lengths of up to 6600 mm. If longer panels are required, two or more panels can be joined together to form the desired length.

Medical gases

ELG ed.2 can be equipped with a maximum of four different mediums for medical gases. Gas outlets are concealed behind covers on the panel which can be opened. The panel can be equipped with gas outlets from different manufacturers and national standards. Two alternative gas outlet mounting systems are offered depending on the hospital’s practice.

1. Hose connection – the gas outlets are integrated in the panel, angled for connection from below using a hose. Equipment is installed on the equipment rail which is mounted either in the panel or on the wall.

2. Direct connection – the gas outlets are installed in a separate box with the outlets directed straight forward. The box is installed on the lower edge of the panel. The length of the box is adapted to the number of gas outlets. The cover on the box can be locked in its lower position when the outlets are in use; when the outlets are not in use they are concealed by closing the cover.


LED lamp which can be mounted anywhere in the area containing electrical socket outlets. The luminaire provides incident light down the wall and reaches an adjacent bedside table.

General lighting

The general lighting is provided by continuously mounted luminaires integrated in the top of the panel. The reflectors direct the light asymmetrically upwards/outwards to the ceiling and provide indirect lighting of the room. Luminaires with 1x80 W, 1x54 W and 1x39 W T5 fluorescent lamps are available as standard, but other outputs can be fitted on request. All luminaires are powered by HF ballasts to provide a flicker-free light; both HF-std and HF-dim models are available. Dimming is available for DALI, 1–10 V, switchDIM, Switch-control and DSI. The light opening is covered by a clear acrylic diffuser and with laminated glass on request.


Electrical socket outlets, supplied to local standards.

Gas outlets for connection from below.

ELG ed.2

ELG ed.2, designed by the architects C.F. Møller A/S, has an uncluttered, contemporary style that emphasises functionality. Robust technical equipment, in the form of electrical outlet sockets, telecom, signal and data...

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