Aluflex 16

Aluflex 16

A power supply panel with options for adding electrical, telecom, signal, data and gas outlets as needed. Any bed lighting is recessed into the front.


Connection is made via the connection piece at the end of the panel from the side, wall or through the vertical supply channel.


Aluflex 16 is a ready-made solution with sloping sides for easy cleaning. The panels can be supplied in lengths up to 6200 mm without being joined.

Electrical socket outlets

Aluflex 16 can be equipped with the required number of heavy and low voltage outlet sockets. The outlet sockets are fitted in the equipment brackets that are permanently attached to the section. A specially adapted cover plate ensures the outlet socket mounting is flush against the front of the panel. The panel can be equipped according to the national standard outlet sockets that apply to a given project.


End-caps can be used to terminate the panel or when individual mounting applies.

Material, colour

The profile is made from extruded aluminium. As standard, the panel is supplied in white (RAL 9010) powder enamelled. Additional colour finishes can be supplied upon request. The panel has smooth external faces that facilitate cleaning.

Medical gases

Outlets for medical gas can be front mounted or mounted downwards and can be connected directly or by attaching equipment to a rail (wall mounted or panel mounted) and via hose connecting.


Aluflex is flexible healthcare solutions, suitable for ward, general and intensive care environments. The modular system consists of lower panels, interme- diate ducts and top panels, equipped with an optio- nal number of outlet...

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